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Fellow wellness is a top priority of our program and RUSH’s GME community. Our institution has developed a wellness committee comprised of faculty and fellow leaders with dedicated interests in promoting fellow wellness and developing curriculum in this area.

In addition, our program takes fellow feedback seriously and evaluates workload and structure on a regular basis to foster training in a supportive environment. We offer several resources as part of you program. 

Center for Clinical Wellness

A stylized graphic representation of a brain filled with brightly colored words, including "Observe," "Sense," "Breathe," "Attend," "Thank" and "Accept."

To help you maintain and improve your sense of wellness, housestaff at RUSH University now have access to the new Center for Clinical Wellness (CCW). Fellows explore a wide range of issues in individual and couples therapy, including depression and anxiety, relationship concerns, sexual orientation and “coming out” issues, eating disorders, substance use and abuse, academic difficulties, bereavement, family mental illness and career issues.

RUSH Wellness Assistance Program

The RUSH Wellness Assistance Program is a comprehensive resource for all RUSH University students and their families, which provides offerings in three areas:

  • Work: Professional and personal development through “Skillbuilders” — free 30- to 45-minute online tutorials that address numerous topics including, managing stress, emotional wellbeing, along with improving study skills, concentration, test‐taking, writing and much more.
  • Life: 24/7 confidential, short-term counseling services for students and their families — at no cost.
  • Home: Connecting RUSH University students to healthy cooking recipes and assistance with locating home‐life services like financial planning, child‐care/elder‐care, or legal services.

The RUSH Wellness Assistance Program will address several important university-specific needs including:

  • After-Hours Counseling: Providing after-hours, video-conferencing counseling support accessible by mobile phone or tablet from the comfort and privacy of home.
  • Distance Learners: Extending counseling services and support to our distance and online learners who would otherwise be unable to access the Counseling Center

To access services, visit the RUSH Wellness Assistance Program page on Inside RUSH.

RUSH Fitness Center

The RUSH Fitness Center is open to all housestaff (discounted rate is $26 per month) and features cardio equipment, circuit and free weights, a variety of group exercise classes and personal training. Locker rooms with showers and towel service are available. (Currently closed due to COVID-19 precautions).

711 S. Paulina St.
(312) 947-BFIT (2348)
5:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday
Website (viewable only on RUSH campus)