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Research Opportunities

Although the internship at Rush is primarily a clinical year, interns are expected to devote 10 percent of their time to research. Most internship supervisors are involved in active programs of research, reflecting the department's emphasis on both the science and the practice of psychology. As a result, a wide variety of research opportunities are available. Interns are presented with all faculty members’ research projects and opportunities at the start of the year so that they may align themselves with specific faculty members' research interests. Faculty actively publish their research in scholarly journals and the number of publications has risen dramatically over the past five years. Faculty profiles and selected publications can be viewed here.
We also offer a monthly Research Seminar led by one of our highly funded researchers. Topics covered include writing an NIH biosketch, how to manage academic writing, and new statistical methods, and approaches to behavioral sciences research. A portion of the seminar is devoted to interns to share progress on their research goals and/or raise concerns, problems, or stumbling blocks with their research goals. 
To provide an opportunity to develop skills in presenting research and to give faculty a chance to learn about interns' dissertation research, interns give a brief research presentation to the department later in the year.