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Wellness Initiatives

Rush Pediatrics - Wellness!

A Commitment to Wellness

Our program prioritizes resident well-being and has adopted multiple creative strategies to promote the occupational, emotional, spiritual, social and physical health of our residents throughout residency. Rush as an institution supports the wellness of all employees with free access to The Center for Clinical Wellness (CCW). Click here to read and hear about CCW which is located on campus.

  • As a part of our noon conference curriculum, we balance board review with wellness sessions that include pet therapy, writing reflection activities, and unwinding sessions with Jeannie Aschkenasy, PhD. 
  • Rush GME-provided funds help residents purchase meals in the hospital and lunch is provided by the department at noon conference several days a week. During conference time, chief residents answer calls and pages for all inpatient units to allow residents time to relax, eat lunch and engage in conference without disruption.
  • In addition to the general hospital House Staff Lounge, our program opened our own Pediatric Resident Wellness Lounge in 2019 which offers residents snacks, comfy couches, and TV as a haven during a long day or while on call. 
  • Our innovative Wellness Rotation was instituted in 2017 for every resident to experience during their PGY-2 year. With the new X+Y curriculum, this rotation has been broken up into multiple half days throughout the year during your Y week.
  • The hospital has an on-site gym that is easily accessible to residents, membership can be selected as an optional benefit paid for by GME. 
  • Rush GME provides reimbursements for rides home when residents are fatigued post-call.
  • Class retreats are also dedicated towards Wellness. Examples of past retreat activities include overnight retreats at Starved Rock, cooking dinner with a chef, escape room activities and group fitness classes. 
  • The Rush Wellness Assistance Program is a resource available to all Rush employees that includes free and confidential counseling services for residents and their families, and can connect employees with pre-screened child care services and financial planning services.

Wellness Rotation

During this longitudinal rotation, residents focus on improving their personal well-being and assisting the well-being of their colleagues. Residents are encouraged to schedule appointments with their personal healthcare providers and assist in covering for colleagues who need to attend important healthcare provider visits. Wellness rotators participate in the noon conference curriculum and are given the time to create and execute their own board studying plan. Residents are encouraged to check in with their advisors and mentors, but also make time for friends, family, exercise and rest.