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Building Engaged, High Impact Teams

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Engaged, high impact teams innovate faster, see and mitigate mistakes quicker, generate better solutions to challenges, and consistently achieve outstanding results. Creating an environment and team culture that promotes high impact teams is an essential leadership skill.

In Building Engaged, High Impact Teams, participants will learn how to identify and build on existing team strengths while fostering critical, research-based elements of high impact teams.

Designed for clinical, non-clinical, and administrative healthcare leaders who want to cultivate a team culture and environment that leads to increased engagement and achieving high impact results.

Join other health care leaders on May 10, 2024, 9 a.m. to noon, on RUSH University's Illinois Medical District campus.



  • $289
  • RUSH employees may use Educational Enhancement Funds (formerly LEAP Funds) to be reimbursed for the program.

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Program Structure

Participants will complete 30 minutes of online pre-work on their own schedule, then join their colleagues on Rush University Medical Center’s Illinois Medical District campus for a 3-hour in-depth, interactive class session. Breakfast will be provided for the live class session.


Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize essential elements of high impact teams.
  • Assess your current team's strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop a focus and strategy for fostering high impact team building.

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