Our Fellows

Second Year

Alex Grohmann
Alex Grohman
I was drawn to the critical care medicine fellowship at Rush because of the diverse critical care training, supportive and engaging faculty, close knit family of cofellows and the opportunity to engage in academic development and research. I have specific interests in critical care medicine and ultrasound education, ED+Critical Care QI, and ECMO delivery. In my free time I enjoy all things outdoors, live music and exploring new restaurants around the city.
Matt Weiss
Matt Weiss, MD
The diverse patient population, amazing nursing staff, and the opportunity to continue learning from everyone in the department are just a few of the reasons why I am so excited to continue my training at Rush. Clinically I am interested in ICU delirium and improving care for critically ill geriatric patients. I am also very interested in healthcare sustainability and environmental advocacy. Outside of work, I love camping, hiking, photography, live music, working in my garden, and hanging out with my cat, Leo.

First Year

Shubha Mathur
I chose Rush University because of the culture of the people, the innovative research and the wide range of pathology offered. As a major tertiary center in the heart of downtown, Rush offers an education that I know cannot be matched. As a Critical Care Fellow, I hope to pursue research in ICU delirium and how to overcome agitation and safe weaning of mechanical ventilation in patients experiencing ICU delirium.  In my free time, I like to try different restaurants in Chicago (did you know there are over 7000 in the city!?). I also enjoy being outdoors playing sports, paddleboarding, biking, or spending time with my family and friends and puppy.
James Wilson
After moving to my wife’s hometown of Chicago, I initially chose to attend training at RUMC/CCH for Infectious Diseases owing to the diversity of the patient population and treatment modalities available. While attending that fellowship, I became a part of the Rush family. Happily, I was chosen to remain a member of that training family for one more year. With the addition of the community ICU experience conjoined with the tertiary academic experience, I feel that the program of Critical Care Medicine is rounding out the training environment available for trainees. Aside from the great food options in Chicago, having the live-in nanny in the form of my mother-in-law doesn’t hurt either.