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Rotation Schedule

Clinical responsibilities and experience for fellows goes between inpatient rotations and outpatient clinics. Fellows will have ICU and pulmonary consult experience throughout their three years of fellowship but the time spent on each service will differ from year to year. With the focus being on learning the basics during their first year and then applying that to more specialized ICUs and procedural electives during their second and third years.

Our program does not have an overnight call system. Instead we have a night float system where the ICU is covered by an in-house fellow who stays overnight and leaves in the morning. Below is a list of rotations that fellows rotate through each year.

First Year Second Year Third Year
Pulmonary Consults Pulmonary Consults Pulmonary Consults
PFT Lab Pulmonary Hypertension Pulmonary Hypertension
Night Float Night Float Night Float
Research Research Research
Chest Radiology Interventional Pulmonary Interventional Pulmonary
Palliative Care SICU SICU
Ultrasound Elective Lung Transplant Heart Failure
Anesthesia Sleep PFT Lab
    Neuro ICU