What will be covered in the two year program?

RUMC and Stroger Hospital Outpatient Clinic Rotation

This rotation allows for the opportunity to enhance history and physical examination skills, developing experience in the selection of diagnostic tests, and learning to manage a wide variety of diseases. First year residents have clinics at RUMC. Second year residents have clinics also at Stroger Hospital and Rush Oak Park Hospital. At Stroger Hospital (Fantus) clinics, the second year resident functions as supervisor for the rotators.

RUMC and Stroger Hospital Inpatient Consultation Rotation

The purpose of this rotation is to allow the resident to develop an in depth understanding of the pathophysiology of allergy and immunology diseases in hospitalized patients, skill as a consultant, and to independently diagnose and manage inpatients. A key goal is proficiency in diagnosis, appropriate utilization of radiographic and laboratory testing, and appropriate cost effective therapy.

Rush South Loop Outpatient Clinic Rotation

This rotation is for second year residents. It provides an opportunity for the resident to have increase autonomy in the assessment and management of A&I patients in a setting that would be typical of a private practice office. In addition the resident will gain more hands on experience in prescribing, administering, and adjusting allergen immunotherapy.

ENT Rotation

The purpose of this rotation is the allow the R-2 resident to understand basic anatomy and embryology of the head and neck, understand basic work-up/treatment of ENT emergencies, perform comprehensive head and neck physical exams. The resident will gain expertise in the evaluation and management of common ENT disorders and recognize more complicated conditions requiring ENT consultation.

Pediatric Pulmonology Rotation

The purpose of this rotation is to improve resident’s ability to diagnose and treat common pulmonary problems seen in A&I patients. During the pulmonology rotation, residents will learn asthma diagnostic testing including methacholine challenge and exercise challenge and interpretation.

Research Rotation

The purpose of this rotation is to allow the residents to explore their interest in research, identify a faculty mentor that will be overseeing the research, develop a project in translational research relevant to allergy and immunology that can be used as a basis for resident’s career development. The rotation will also provide time for basic laboratory bench research pertaining to the resident’s research project.

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