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PSQI Track

The Rush Otolaryngology Residency offers a PSQI track to be completed in an integrated fashion during the five- year residency program. This track is ideal for applicants who aspire to be recognized as PSQI leaders among the medical community. The applicant will receive two 1-month experiences during their research rotation in the PGY-2 and PGY-4 working with a Patient Safety Officer from the institution to learn hands on PSQI management skills.

1. There are 4 core components to the program:

  1. Completion of the IHI open school online basic certificate program.
  2. Completing a 2-part Safety Rotation during the PGY-2 and PGY-4 year each one month long. This will take place in the Rush Patient Safety Office working alongside institutional patient safety leaders.
  3. Implementation and publication of a PSQI project.
  4. Successfully pass the IHI CPPS (Certified Professional in Patient Safety) certification exam in the PGY-4 year.

2. Prerequisites and Selection:

  1. Application and acceptance to the program.
  2. The application should include a one page personal statement to the PD stating your interest in the PSQI program, how it will incorporate into your long-term career goals and description of past experiences working in PSQI efforts.
  3. Be in good academic standing and not currently under remediation or probation.
  4. Approval of the program director
  5. Candidates will receive a letter of invitation after the match. Deadline for application is July 1st during the PGY-1 year.

3. Site Directors – Otolaryngology Patient Safety Officer and RUMC Patient Safety Officers.