Clinical Experience

Our 36-month curriculum is designed so our residents can experience the breadth and depth of Emergency Medicine. We intentionally flip the conventional intern year, by dedicating more than 2/3 of the internship year to Emergency Medicine rotations, rather than off-service experiences. By deferring these rotations until later in residency, we focus on residents’ development as an Emergency Physician first, so they are more effective and gain more skills on later off-service rotations. This focus on the first few months of EM development is essential to training residents to be fast, efficient, and confident in the care of critically ill patients, beginning on Day 1 of residency. Therefore, residents’ progression towards independence is individualized, rather than set at an arbitrary PGY-level. 

First year

Residents will begin with an orientation block that is designed to ease the transition into residency and to help acquire procedural skills and knowledge essential to Emergency Medicine practice. Core rotations at Mount Sinai Hospital in trauma and EM will introduce procedural skills and trauma airway management. Residents will have hands-on didactics in the simulation center and procedure lab, while gradually increasing their clinical exposure through Emergency Department shifts.

Orientation 4 weeks             
EM - RUMC 26 weeks           
EM - Mount Sinai Hospital 4 weeks
Trauma - Mount Sinai Hospital    4 weeks
Medical ICU 4 weeks             
ED Ultrasound 2 weeks
Obstetrics 2 weeks
Anesthesia 2 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks

Second year

Residents will spend five blocks managing multiple patients including the critically ill in the RUMC ED. A block will be spent at the Rush Copley ED, which allows residents to learn how to function in a busy community ED. An Emergency Medicine selective will also allow second-year residents to broaden their EM horizons with an elective rotation in specific areas of interest.

EM - RUMC 22 weeks           
EM - Rush Copley 4 weeks
EM - Mount Sinai Hospital 4 weeks
Pediatric ICU 4 weeks
Trauma - Stroger 4 weeks
Medical ICU (Night Float) 4 weeks
Orthopedics 2 weeks
Pediatric Acute Care 2 weeks
Selective 2 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks

Third year

Residents will spend five more months in the Rush Emergency Department supervising students, junior residents and learning to “run the room” like attending physicians. Senior residents will spend an additional month in our community ED site at Rush Copley, a high acuity ED rotation at Community First, as well as two more selectives. Residents often tailor these experiences to prepare for fellowship, explore possible subspecialty interests, or participate in our global health electives. Rounding out the curriculum are two senior level critical care rotations, for a total of 5 months of critical care experiences.

EM - RUMC 20 weeks
EM - Rush Copley 4 weeks
EM - Mount Sinai Hospital 4 weeks
EM - Community First Medical Center 4 weeks
Surgical ICU (Sinai) 4 weeks
Medical ICU Senior 4 weeks
Toxicology / Addiction 4 weeks
Selective 4 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks