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Immunocompromised and Transplant Infectious Diseases

Clinical Strengths

The Division of Infectious Disease at RUMC cares for people with weak immune systems who are at risk for complicated infections. Faculty who concentrate in the care of these patients include Drs. Eric Bhaimia, Graeme ForrestYoona Rhee, and Carlos Santos.  This group of physicians has expertise in the prevention and treatment of infections in solid organ transplant recipients, stem cell transplant patients and other immunocompromised hosts, and run a busy consultative service for these patients. Fellows participate in the care of these patients from their first year, and attain expertise in Transplant Infectious Disease. ID physicians are embedded within the solid organ transplant and cancer center service lines at RUMC.  RUMC faculty specializing in the care of these patients have national recognition, and participate in guideline development, and the writing of book chapters, Up-To-Date chapters, and reviews.  Examples of these include:

Research Excellence

RUMC was one of 23 academic medical centers that pioneered kidney and liver transplantation in HIV-positive patients. RUMC is currently a participant in the NIH-funded HOPE in Action U01 study led by Johns Hopkins University, and enrolls patients living with HIV who have been listed for kidney and liver transplantation in trials where they consider accepting an HIV-positive organ. Faculty also perform epidemiology, outcomes, and infection control research in transplant infectious disease.  Examples of research work include: