Clinical Trial Budget Considerations

An industry sponsored clinical trial agreement is a contract. A researcher must fulfill the terms, even if the actual costs exceed the agreed-on compensation, so your front-end estimate needs to predict as closely as possible your total outlay for the trial.

Calculate your costs 

Make a sample budget. You can consult our Budget Education Manual, geared toward industry sponsored trials, through the Rush Research Portal.  

We can help

Our teams will help you keep your budget real every step of the way. The Office of Research Affairs supports investigators in the following ways: 

  • Budget development and negotiation of clinical trial agreements with sponsors 
  • Study initiation, patient recruitment and follow-up 
  • Study coordinator support through one-on-one training and mentorship for research coordinators 
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Linda Bond, MSN, CNP, associate vice president of clinical trials and regulatory operations

Priya Mishra, PhD, clinical research liaison