Pediatric Chronobiology and Sleep Research Program

The Pediatric Chronobiology and Sleep Research Program at Rush University Medical Center focuses on understanding basic circadian physiology and sleep behavior across adolescence, as well as developing and testing strategies to correct circadian misalignment (the mismatch between sleep and the circadian system) that is often experienced by teens in middle and high school. 


Rush tower skyline

We are located on Rush’s downtown campus at:

1645 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 425
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 942-9991

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Current Studies

Teen Night Owl Study

Night owls between 14 and 17 years old are wanted for a three-week study to test whether wearing glasses that block out different amounts and types of light in the evening affect your body clock and could help teenagers sleep and feel better.

  • Subjects stay at our lab for two nights

  • No drugs or invasive procedures like blood draws

  • Subjects will be paid $300 for successfully completing the entire study

  • Free parking in attached garage for all lab visits

    COVID-19 Precautions: 
    Please note that our lab is taking the appropriate COVID-19 precautions for the safety of your child and our research staff. Some of these measures include: screening questions for COVID-19, temperature checks, social distancing, and personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) for all lab visits. Please email us at with any questions. Thank you and stay healthy!

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Lab Tour

The Biological Rhythms Research Laboratory is a state of the art facility featuring:

  • Bedroom suite (with three bedrooms)
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Kitchen and phase assessment room
  • Video monitors and intercom system
  • Staff offices and participant monitoring rooms

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Our Team

Stephanie Crowley, PhD
Associate Professor, Director of the Pediatric Chronobiology and Sleep Research Program

Steph Crowley-McWilliam, BRRL

Stephanie Crowley, PhD is an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences.  She directs the Pediatric Chronobiology and Sleep Research Program at Rush.  Her research focuses on understanding the circadian (~ 24-hour) timing system and sleep during adolescence.  Crowley is currently principal investigator or co-investigator on grants from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation.  She serves on the Sleep Research Society’s Board of Directors, and is an associate editor for SLEEP and Behavioral Sleep Medicine.  She also serves on the editorial board for Sleep Health


Sabrina Velez, BRRL

Sabrina Velez, BA
Research Study Coordinator

Sabrina started working at the Biological Rhythms Research Laboratory after receiving her BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2015.  Recently, she assisted Dr. Crowley with coordinating a two-year project titled the Teen Sleep Health Study.  Currently, she’s helping analyze the neuropsychological test data obtained from the study.  Outside of the lab, Sabrina is pursuing additional education in the Imaging Sciences program here at Rush University.  When she’s not working or studying, she enjoys live music and exploring the great outdoors. 


Logan Killen, BS
Research Assistant

Logan started his college career at Illinois Valley Community College, 100 miles southwest of Chicago nearby where he grew up.  He then transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) where he earned his BS in Kinesiology in May 2018.  At UIC, Logan worked as an intern at Shriners Hospital for Children in the Motion Analysis Lab.  There, he worked with patients, participated in research, and worked on an independent project.  Currently, he is helping analyze data from Dr. Crowley’s Teen Sleep Health Study and is eager to learn more over the next few years.  When not in the lab, Logan enjoys spending time outdoors, watching sports with his roommates, and sleeping.


Ieva Misiunaite, MS
Research Study Coordinator

Ieva started working at the Biological Rhythms Research Laboratory after earning her BS in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago in 2013.  During this time, Ieva worked with Dr. Crowley and Dr. Eastman on various research projects, including coordinating the Teen Weekend Sleep Study.  In 2016, Ieva left the lab to earn a MA in Developmental Psychology from Loyola University Chicago.  She is excited to return to the Biological Rhythms Research Laboratory to assist Dr. Crowley with new studies.  When she’s not working, Ieva enjoys reading, going for walks, and spending time with her friends and family.


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