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Psychiatry Research

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences includes a breadth of clinical and research programs that address the range of psychiatric disorders and brain diseases comprising mental illness.

Conducting leading-edge research

The integration of patient care and clinical research has been a hallmark of the Department of Psychiatry for more than 40 years, as our faculty seeks to develop and apply innovative diagnostics and treatments to improve the care and relieve the suffering of affected patients.

Researchers in the Department of Psychiatry today are carrying out studies at the forefront of neuroscience using state-of-the-art tools from data science, neuroimaging, cognitive and social neuroscience, immunology and electrophysiology to glean new insights into neurobiological and psychosocial processes underlying psychiatric illnesses. Research here focusing on early intervention with at-risk individuals seeks to prevent the occurrence of illness. Innovative community-based research aims to understand the environmental and social determinants of mental illness and intervene to ameliorate their impact.

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Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences