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Primary equipment of the RIRC:

  • Siemens Prisma 3T MRI Scanner
    • XR Gradient System: 80 mT/m Amplitude, 200 mT/m/ms Slew Rate
    • Higher Order Shim: Three 1st Order Coils, five 2nd Order Coils
    • Parallel Transmit: 2 Channel pTX Body Coil
    • Receive System: 64-Channel Simultaneous Reception
  • fMRI Stimulus Presentation Package (NordicNeuroLab)
    • HD Googles with integrated Eye Tracking Units
    • 40" UHD LCD Display
    • Hand-Held Response Grips
    • Stimulus Presentation Software (nordicAktiva)
    • Syncbox (Communication between scanner trigger & stimulus presentation)
  • MRI Elastography Unit
  • Bracco Injector for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Studies

Refer to the RIRC operations manual for the complete list of available equipment.