Education and Training

The COI Office supports position specific training on Conflicts of Interest. The COI Office raises awareness of the requirements surrounding COI through web-based and in-person education and training of clinical, research, and administrative staff. 

We educate the RUSH community regarding the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments (OP) disclosure program.  This publicly accessible database publishes financial relationships between medical industry and healthcare providers (physicians and hospitals).  Please click here for further information on CMS OP.

Mandatory Training Requirements

Please note, all investigators and research personnel must complete mandatory training prior to beginning research.

RUSH Federally Funded Research | FCOI Training

A Rush specific tutorial has been created that covers Rush policy on Conflict of Interest (COI) and federal requirements on FCOI at 42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F, Promoting Objectivity in Research. This training is offered through the new Rush Learning Hub1. The Learning Hub module cited below will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Click the link below to access the FCOI module within the Rush Learning Hub. Once accessed, click “Register” and then “Launch”. The video will be available for you to view.

FCOI-Promoting Objectivity

Researchers may also filter by course name in the Course Library at

For detailed instructions, please click here

It is important to store your training completion date for future reference and to provide proof of completion to the Rush Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) Office and COI Office.



NIH FCOI Training and Resources (non-Rush Researchers)

Public Health Service (PHS) funded research requires training on Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI). Mandatory training on FCOI is required for all Principal Investigators (PI’s) and key personnel prior to the expenditure of funds on any newly funded projects, including non-competing continuation awards. This applies to all PHS-sponsored research projects as of August 24, 2012. The regulations require re-training on Conflict of Interest (COI) every four years.

For additional resources regarding FCOI training for non-Rush personnel, use the link below.

NIH FCOI Training and Resources

Non-Federally Funded Research

For non-federal researchers (e.g., FDA regulated, industry sponsored), Conflict of Interest training is offered within the Collaborative Institutional Education Initiative (CITI) at for Biomedical Research and/or Behavioral Basic coursework. This is valid for three years.

It is the responsibility of the PI to maintain a copy of course completion certificates for all investigators and to update the list as personnel changes occur.