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Learning Hub ICF Training Modules

Modules are available to assist in the initial training process for new research personnel.  This is also available for those already working in research.

If noncompliance is identified as it relates to the ICF execution or process, these modules may be assigned to research personnel to better ensure compliance and appropriate ICF practice.

Current Modules available include:

  • Video Learning Module ICF Regulations and Process
  • Video Learning Module Assent of Minors Process
  • Video Learning Module Short Form Consent Process

Accessing the ICF Training Modules

  1. Requesters should log into RUSH Learning Hub and click on "Course Library" from the sidebar
  2. Under "Filter" search for the course name (all "Filter" fileds should be unchecked)
  3. Look for the course name in the list of available training modules
  4. Click the tile to add course
  5. Click "Launch" to start the course