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Auditory Research Laboratory

The Auditory Research Laboratory, or ARL, is a dedicated research facility of the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, a part of the College of Health Sciences at Rush University Medical Center.

The ARL has a dual mission to advance theoretical and applied knowledge of auditory perception and cognition in both normal-hearing and hearing impaired populations, and to train future health care professionals in the development and conduct of experimental research.

Auditory Research Laboratory members


Our work

Our central research theme has long been focused around the perceptual organization of complex sounds by people of different age and hearing abilities. We investigate the relationship of sound perception and processing; how basic auditory abilities to perceive acoustic properties of sounds interact with cognitive abilities in the processing of sounds listeners encounter everyday including speech, music and environmental sounds. Our current investigations focus on developing both efficient clinical tests and effective rehabilitation methods for those with hearing loss. 

We also encourage participation from students in the College of Health Sciences in our current and future work.

The Ear Day symposium brings together auditory researchers to discuss work and exchange ideas. 



Many agencies, including the following, have generously funded our research:

  • NIH-NIA (through Rush University Alzheimer’s Disease Center)
  • Capita Foundation
  • Hearing Health Foundation
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation
  • National Organization for Hearing Research

Our team

Contact us

Please direct any inquiries to:

Valeriy Shafiro, PhD
Office: (312) 942-3298
Lab: (312) 942-3316

Directions to the lab

We are located in Room 704, Armour Academic Building.  If you drive, there is a short passageway on the 4th floor of the visitor's parking garage which will lead you directly to the Armour Academic Building (another one will lead you to the hospital).  For general directions to Rush follow this link.