Managing Your Expenses

Rush research awards come from one of two funding streams: grants (National Institutes of Health and other federal funding awards) or contracts (industry sponsored funding)Your award will be governed by separate divisions of the Office of Research Affairs, depending on its source, and have different requirements under SPA and CRA, as outlined below.

Industry sponsored funding

Working with the Clinical Research Administration, the Research Revenue Cycle team can help you manage your industry-sponsored award expenses through:

  1. Coverage analysis (CA) development: The Research Revenue Cycle team develops coverage analysis to determine when clinical-trial billing/procedures are billable to Medicare, according to CMS guidelines (NCD 310.1) This tool also is designed to serve as a guideline for clinical budgeting purposes.
  2. The CA is utilized to review charges during charge review.
  3. Study budget development: The Research Revenue Cycle team offers tools, templates and training for study teams as needed during budget development.
  4. Sponsor invoicing: The Research Revenue Cycle team develops invoicing grids in order to invoice the sponsor for contractually agreed-upon terms. Invoices are generated on a monthly basis to ensure that services are captured and monies are collected. The invoicing grid serves as a tool to ensure that charges and payments are captured throughout the life of the study. Once payments are received, they are applied to the activity unit via EPIC (billing system). Reports are sent monthly to Accounts Payable for reconciliation.

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Research Revenue Cycle

Tralissa (Lisa) Morrow
Director, Clinical Trials Research Revenue Cycle
Phone: (312) 563-2742

Grant funding (NIH and other federal awards)

Sponsored Programs Administration can help you manage your NIH or other federally funded award expenses through:

  1. Providing guidance to assure the proper stewardship of received funds
  2. Submitting carryover, re-budget and no-cost extension requests to the sponsor
  3. Providing templates including:
    • NIH Salary Cap Calculator
    • Unobligated Balance Calculator

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Sponsored Programs Administration

Jennifer Garcia
Director, Sponsored Programs Administration
Phone: (312) 942-3554

Yvonne Harris
Senior Grant and Subaward Specialist
Phone: (312) 563-1990

Jennifer Stadler
Grant and Subaward Specialist
Phone: (312) 563-1989


Additional Resources & Support

Basic science researchers in the Departments of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Microbial Pathogens & Immunity, Physiology and Neurology can access additional support through Rush’s Research Administration Shared Services (RASS). Researchers in all other areas can work with their department’s Research Administrative staff for these services instead.

RASS services

Both industry sponsored and federally funded research studies have the additional support of Rush’s Research Administration Shared Services (RASS). Services include the following:

  • Helping the Primary Investigator or Designee create a budget
  • Providing overall post-award administration and financial-based analytic services
  • Working with SPA and Fund Accounting to ensure timely and accurate post-award accounting of Grants and Contracts
  • Reviewing expenditures for allowability, allocability, reasonableness and compliance with Rush University Medical Center (RUMC), sponsors, and government policies and regulations
  • Assisting with the creation and ongoing maintenance of Rush departmental operating budgets for the Basic Science Departments and coordinating all budget activities with the Office of Medical Affairs
  • Monitoring subaward and research expenditures to enforce RUMC contracts or terms and to support proper research conduct

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Research Administration Shared Services

Kristin Moody
Associate Vice President, Basic & Translational Science Operations