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RUSH COVID-19 Biorepository

Research Title:

Rush COVID-19 Biorepository

ORA #:


Principal Investigator Name:

Alan Landay, PhD

Bala Hota, MD

Mary Hayden MD

Research Description:

  1. Participation in the Rush COVID-19 Biorepository Study is voluntary. Participants will be consented using an IRB-approved consent form. Study staff will address any questions or concerns prior to obtaining a written informed consent for the COVID-19 Biorepository Study. Confidentiality of information will be addressed with potential participants. A copy of the signed consent will be provided to the participant; a second copy will be stored in research offices dedicated to COVID-19 research.
  2. Participants will be asked to provide the following demographic information: name, date of birth, address, contact phone numbers, email address, height, weight, race, ethnicity and gender. Participants will also be asked to provide information about medical history, medications and survey questions related to socioeconomic status and health equity.
  3. The types of human specimens to be collected and stored in the repository include blood samples, oropharyngeal (OP) and nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs, tissues, bodily fluids, stool, urine and other residual samples that may be collected as part of clinical care.


Internal Medicine

Contact Phone:

(312) 942-2849

Contact Email:

Contact Name:

Alan Landay