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Current Studies

Researcher in conversation with a study subject

A Randomized Control Trial of 1-week Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Relaxation Training

This study is to directly compare individual cognitive processing therapy (CPT) delivered twice per day over five days to Relaxation Training delivered once per day over five days for individuals with PTSD. CPT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that is effective in reducing PTSD symptoms after experiencing a traumatic event. Relaxation Training has also been shown to help those with PTSD better manage symptoms. Participants will be randomly assigned to either group. If you are assigned to Relaxation Training, you will be offered CPT after your 1-month follow of visit if it is of interest to you. After you complete treatment, we will ask you to complete follow-up surveys to see how you are doing afterwards. Participants can earn up to $440 for completing all study related activities such as surveys and assessments of your abilities. All study visits will take place virtually. 

Who can participate?

  • Individuals 18 and older
  • Fluent in English
  • Have experience a traumatic event in your lifetime

Stellate-Ganglion Block and 1-Week Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

A Stellate-Ganglion Block is an injection of medication in the neck which helps provide symptom relief for those with PTSD by working with the nervous system. Stellate-Ganglion Blocks are safe, with very minimal risk or side effects. The TREAT Lab is studying how effective a Stellate-Ganglion Block is when combined with 1-week CPT. Participants will be randomized to receive either an active Stellate-Ganglion Block or a placebo injection and then complete 1-week of CPT virtually.

What you’ll be asked to do:

  • Wear a wearable device called a Biostrap to collect data on your nervous system. You’ll be asked to wear the device starting two weeks prior to receiving the injection until 3-month follow up

  • Complete interviews with study staff at 1-month and 3-month follow up

  • Attend an appointment at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago to receive the injection

  • Attend CPT twice per day for 1-week

  • Complete surveys throughout the study duration

Who Can Participate?

  • Individuals 18 and older

  • Fluent in English

  • Have experienced a traumatic event in your lifetime

  • Able to come to Rush University Medical Center one time to receive the injection by a trained professional (ask us about transportation options!)

  • Have never received a Stellate-Ganglion Block prior

Call us at 312-942-1442 to see if you are eligible!