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Our Research

Current Studies

Comparing 1- Week Cognitive Processing Therapy at Relaxation Training: A Randomized Trial

We are comparing two different interventions for PTSD. Participants are randomly assigned to complete either CPT or Relaxation Training over the course of 1-week. Those who complete Relaxation Training can receive CPT after a 1-month follow up visit. All study visits are completed virtually.

Stellate-Ganglion Block and 1-week Cognitive Processing Therapy

A Stellate-Ganglion Block is an injection of medication in the neck which helps provide symptom relief to those with PTSD by working with the nervous system. Stellate-Ganglion Blocks are safe, with very minimal risk or side effects. The TREAT Lab is studying how effective a Stellate-Ganglion Block is when combined with 1-week CPT. Participants will be randomized to receive either an active Stellate-Ganglion Block or a placebo injection and then complete 1-week of CPT virtually.

Perceptions of Socrates: An AI Mental Health Tool

Socrates is a mental health web application that uses artificial intelligence to challenge unhelpful ways of thinking. The TREAT Lab is seeking feedback from community members and licensed mental health providers on how the tool can be improved. 


Have questions about our studies or want to see if you are eligible? 

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