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About The International Spine Research & Innovation Initiative

The International Spine Research & Innovation Initiative (ISRII) at Rush University Medical Center is a multidisciplinary network of clinicians and scientists with a focus on the development of novel diagnostic, therapeutic, prognostic and preventative measures related to the spine. As one of the largest and most comprehensive centers of its kind in the world, ISRII fosters interdisciplinary research that aims to elevate innovative and impactful research on a global level that will improve the quality of life of individuals suffering from spine-related disorders and pain as well as improve health-care delivery and utilization.

Our Research

Rush's Spine Biomechanics Laboratory works to determine structure function relationships in spine tissue. By using image-based biomechanics analytical methods, we can describe the condition of spinal tissue (i.e., vertebrae, ligaments, endplates, intervertebral discs, etc.) in a variety of spinal degeneration states. The degeneration status of orthopedic joints is a key indicator to study natural progression of aging and tissue condition as well as specific spinal diseases and clinical conditions, by characterizing their corresponding image phenotypes.