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Testing for COVID-19 Antibodies in Chicago First Responders and RUSH Employees

Research Title:
Sampling Employees at RUSH University Medical Center and First Responders in Chicago for Evidence of SARS-CoV-2 IgG Antibody Seroconversion

ORA #:

Principal Investigator Name:
James Moy, MD

Research Description:

Having antibodies to COVID-19 implies that an individual has been previously infected by COVID-19. We are conducting a study to determine what percentage of Chicago first responders (fire fighters, police officers, and EMTs) and RUSH employees have antibodies to COVID-19 and to determine which occupations are at highest risk for COVID infection. This information might help develop strategies to prevent COVID infections in high risk occupations.

This study will enroll 500 RUSH first responders. Study participants will sign informed consent, answer a survey regarding possible COVID-19 symptoms, their occupation, and demographic data. Then blood will be drawn for the antibody test. If you have already been tested for COVID-19 antibodies, this study would allow you recheck the antibodies to see how long the antibodies stay in your blood.

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Contact Phone:
(312) 942-6176

Contact Name:
James Moy, MD