Research Support for Faculty and Students

The Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship provides a wide range of support services to faculty and students, including:


Student Research and Scholarly Awards

Students should contact their advisers before contacting anyone on this list
Student Research Awards & Grants  
Student Travel Award  
Rush Student Poster Competition for Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) Darlene Chatmon
Student Project Data Analysis and Consultations Hugh Vondracek


Pre-Award Research Administration

Pre-Award Research Administration
Finding Funding
Joellen Wilbur
Grant Writing
Joellen Wilbur
Service Referrals (including transcription, editing, translation, etc.)
Joellen Wilbur
Proposal Processing
Shauna Laatz Seed Grant Darlene Chatmon
Budget Creation
Price Quotes
Darlene Chatmon
Subaward - Letter of Intent Request (Internal and External)
Proposal Submission
Just in Time
eRA Commons


Award Set-Up and Financial Processing

Award Set-Up and Financial Processing
Activity Number Establishment
Personnel Effort Changes
Petty Cash Banks
Independent Contractor Agreement
Payment and Expenditure Reimbursement
Product Ordering
Award Modifications
(i.e. no-cost extension, change in personnel, scope revision, and budget allocation)
Financial Compliance and Budget Monitoring
Effort Certification
Subaward Renewals (Outgoing and Incoming)
Progress and Final Reports


Departmental Services

Requests for Data Analysis or Data Management Services should be made through the CON’s Data Analysis/ Information Request Form 

Data Management
Hugh Vondracek
Access Database Development
Hugh Vondracek
Hugh Vondracek 
Research Compliance
CITI Training
Research Committee
Rush Research Forum
Ref Works & Write-n-Cite
Poster Development
Research Webpage Maintenance

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