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Managing Conflicts

The COI Committee reviews and evaluates each physician and non-clinician’s COI disclosure. The committee will determine the significance of the activity and issue a management plan if a situation has the appearance of a COI. Being open about conflicts of interest allows everyone (including patients and the public) to judge for themselves whether a particular relationship may be influencing an individual’s actions. The goal of this program is to develop and maintain centralized processes for identifying and managing external interests that may have the potential to impact an individual’s professional responsibilities.

Although not all relationships are bad, they are very important for education, drug, and medical device development. The conflict lies in the situation, not in any behavior or lack of behavior of the individual. Disclosing your relationships to patients, organizations, and companies involved, will help ensure that patients and students receive objective and unbiased care. Please refer to the (COI) Policy (OP-0359) and Vendor Guidelines for more information.