Setting Up Your Award

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Industry sponsored funding

The Clinical Research Administration process helps you set up your industry-sponsored award through:

1. Contract negotiation of legal terms with the Rush Office of Legal Affairs, including, but not limited to:

  • Confidentiality disclosure agreements
  • Clinical trial agreements
  • Subaward agreements for clinical trials
  • Service agreements for research
  • Registry agreements
  • Data-use agreements
  • Material-transfer agreements
  • Research consulting agreements
  • Amendments

2. Clinical research core support, such as:

  • application support
  • Quarterly new-hire training sessions
  • Monthly continuing education sessions
  • Regulatory coordinator support
  • Research nursing support
  • Research coordinator support
  • Synchronization of protocol-related documents prior to contract execution

3. Clinical trial management system (CTMS) support through OnCore (a relational database used to support key startup activities and subject management within research), including:

  • System training
  • Upgrades, enhancements and troubleshooting
  • Vendor liaisons
  • Reporting
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Before you start

Take some time to think about what committing to a trial for a particular drug or device will mean to you as a scientist and a person:

  • Do you agree with the mission?
  • Is the study feasible?
  • Will the protocol advance scientific knowledge?

Remember, the integrity and medical value of the research must be top of mind.  

We have established safeguards to protect you, your work and our institution. Our teams will guide you every step of the way. Please note that all agreements will be made on behalf of Rush University. 

Getting started

Here are the steps you’ll need to complete before beginning an industry sponsored clinical trial. 

1. Confidential disclosure agreement
If the sponsor requests confidentiality, our team will negotiate and agreement that protects your interests. 

The industry sponsor of a clinical trial may need to share proprietary information with you, even early on so you can decide whether to participate. In that case, the sponsor may send you a confidentiality disclosure agreement (CDA). To protect both Rush’s interests and yours, the Office of Legal Affairs team will negotiate the CDA. These agreements can only be made between the sponsor and the institution.

2. Coverage analysis
Our team identifies the correct party to bill for each trial need and creates a consistent billing system.

The Research Revenue Cycle team will create a billing system consistent with our policies on clinical trial billing compliance. Coverage analysis identifies who should be billed for each patient care item or service delivered during a clinical trial: the study sponsor or the research subject’s insurer.

3. Study budget development
Our team provides tools to help you navigate budgeting—from terminology to payment terms.

Industry sponsored clinical trials require expert budget development. The members of our Clinical Research Finance team understand budget terminology, concepts, and payment terms and schedules. They will also accurately capture Rush’s institutional and departmental research costs. We will share tools, templates and training, too; take a look at our budget education manual through the Rush Research Portal. For more information, contact Kelli Jones, MSN, CCRC, educator,; or Priya Mishra, PhD, clinical research liaison,  

4. Contract negotiation
Our team negotiates legal terms with study sponsors.

The Office of Legal Affairs will negotiate the legal terms of the contract with study sponsors on behalf of Rush University and obtain the appropriate signatures. For more information, contact Erin Blackmon, JD, contracts and research counsel,  

5. IRB review
Our team helps determine the type of IRB review required, if any.

If your research involves human subjects or is regulated by the FDA, it will require review and approval from our Institutional Review Board, part of the ORA. That resource can help you determine if your protocol will need a full, expedited or exempt IRB review.

6. Sponsor invoicing
Our team helps ensure accurate invoicing and reconciliation.

The Sponsor Invoicing team creates invoicing grids for data collection on study participants and procedures that align with the approved budget. Sponsor invoicing allows for the accurate reconciliation and receivables of study costs.

7. Synchronization
Our team helps ensure that the right informed consent agreements are in place.

The Clinical Research SYNC team will perform an internal review of all study documents prior to institutional endorsement to ensure that informed consent agreements for research subjects are consistent with the coverage analysis, your budget and the contract with the study sponsor.

8. Account setup
Our team will initiate your research study account once everything’s in place.

Once a clinical trial agreement is finalized with the industry sponsor, an email will go out from the research portal to the Office of Corporate Finance, Fund Accounting, triggering the setup of your research study account.

Clinical Trial Budget Considerations

An industry sponsored clinical trial agreement is a contract. A researcher must fulfill the terms, even if the actual costs exceed the agreed-on compensation, so your front-end estimate needs to predict as closely as possible your total outlay for the trial.

Calculate your costs 

Make a sample budget. You can consult our Budget Education Manual, geared toward industry sponsored trials, through the Rush Research Portal.  

We can help

Our teams will help you keep your budget real every step of the way. The Office of Research Affairs supports investigators in the following ways: 

  • Budget development and negotiation of clinical trial agreements with sponsors 
  • Study initiation, patient recruitment and follow-up 
Contact us

Clinical Research Administration

Linda Bond, MSN, BSN, CNP
Associate Vice President, Clinical Research and Regulatory Operations
Phone: (312) 563-2780

Research Revenue Cycle

Tralissa (Lisa) Morrow
Director, Clinical Trials Research Revenue Cycle
Phone: (312) 563-2742

Federally funded grants and contracts

Sponsored Programs Administration can help you set up your National Institutes of Health (NIH) or other federally funded award through:

  1. Assistance in interpreting, negotiating and accepting grants
  2. Preparing and negotiating subawards for collaborative research
  3. Requesting activity setup

Contact us

Sponsored Programs Administration

Jennifer Garcia
Director, Sponsored Programs Administration
Phone: (312) 942-3554

Yvonne Harris
Manager of Grants and Subawards
Phone: (312) 563-1990

Jennifer Stadler
Grant and Subaward Specialist II
Phone: (312) 563-1989