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Early Career Investigator Seminar Series

The Early Career Investigator Seminar Series is held on the third Monday of every other month from 3 - 4 p.m. Seminars will be held virtually until further notice. *Unless otherwise indicated.

Dial-in information will be listed on the Rush Research Calendar. To receive research communications, please sign up using this subscription form.

Date Speaker Name Speaker Institution Title of Presentation
10/16/2023 Kyle Amber, MD Rush University Medical Center Epithelial-immune Interactions in Autoimmune Blistering Disease
8/22/2023* Rush University Medical Center Role of periostin expressing cells in intramembranous bone regeneration
6/19/2023 Rush University Medical Center
Identification of two biomarkers of prostate cancer metastasis with therapeutic potential
Rush University Medical Center
Interrogating Brain Microstructure Implicated in Cortical Proteins of Cognitive Resilience [video]
12/19/2022 Rush University Medical Center
Understanding Overlapping Spread of Infections in Urban Areas—Translational Research Using MRSA and STIs [video]

 João Mamede, PhD

Rush University Medical Center
Live cell imaging of the early steps of the HIV replication cycle and innate sensing [video]