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Early Career Investigator Seminar Series

The Early Career Investigator Seminar Series is held in-person/virtual from 3 to 4 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each even month. Presentation videos are available.

Dial-in information will be listed on the Rush Research Calendar. To receive research communications, please sign up using this subscription form.

Date Speaker Name Title of Presentation
10/23/2024 Ana Chee, PhD TBA
8/21/2024 Chuka Nestor Emezue, PhD, MPH, MPA, CHES

Where We Are Now: Prioritizing the Wellbeing of Black Boys Who Use & Survive Violence

6/19/2024 Jonathan A. Gustafson, PhD

Employing Experimental and Computational Approaches to Investigate Joint Biomechanics Across MSK Pathologies

4/17/2024 Eunsil Hahm, PhD Altered Myelopoiesis and Glomerular Dysfunction
12/18/2023 Stephan Green, PhD Microbes on Earth and in Space: Molecular Biology Tools for Interrogating Host-Associated Microbial Communities
10/16/2023 Kyle Amber, MD Epithelial-immune Interactions in Autoimmune Blistering Disease
8/22/2023* Role of periostin expressing cells in intramembranous bone regeneration
Identification of two biomarkers of prostate cancer metastasis with therapeutic potential
4/17/2023 Interrogating Brain Microstructure Implicated in Cortical Proteins of Cognitive Resilience
Understanding Overlapping Spread of Infections in Urban Areas—Translational Research Using MRSA and STIs

 João Mamede, PhD

Live cell imaging of the early steps of the HIV replication cycle and innate sensing