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Microbiome and Bioinformatics

Rush University’s Center for Integrated Microbiome & Chronobiology Research (CIMCR) principal investigators Dr. Ali Keshavarzian, Dr. Robin Voigt-Zuwala, Dr. Christopher Forsyth, and Dr. Faraz Bishehsari all research a vast range of human health and disease microbiome projects.

Located in Cohn Lab 253, laboratory supervisor Phillip Engen, MS, manages, performs and analyzes the microbiome projects. Dr. Ankur Naqib, Ph.D. provides expertise in bioinformatics analysis. Rush University director of the Genomic and Microbiome Core Facility (GMCF) Dr. Stefan J. Green collaborates and provides a shared-resource facility at Rush University to perform these expirements.

Together, our microbiome core team has extensive experience and provides powerful tools, such as amplicon, metagenomic and metatranscript sequencing, along with metaproteomics and metabolomics to better understand microbial taxonomic and functional metabolism in both animal and human disease models.

If research collaboration is of interest, please contact us.

  • Principal Investigators Staff

    Left to right: Faraz Bishehsari MD, Ph.D, AGAF; Garth Swanson, MD, MS; Ali Keshavarzian, MD, FRCP, FACP, MACG, AGAF; Christopher Forsyth, Ph.D.; Robin Voigt-Zuwala, Ph.D.

  • Microbiome Staff

    Left to right: Phillip Engen, MS, Laboratory Supervisor; Ankur Naqib, Ph.D., Supervisor Bioinformatician; Stefan J. Green, Ph.D., Director of Genomics and Microbiome Core Facility, Rush University.