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Rush Flow Cytometry Core

Flow cytometry is a well-established technology that allows researchers to quickly categorize and analyze cells, even large numbers of cells, primarily by measuring the fluorescence produced by certain antibodies that confirm the presence of identifying types of molecules. The Rush Flow Cytometry Core, located in the Cohn Research Building, provides instrumentation for the acquisition and analysis of data from single-cell suspensions, including whole blood, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, dissociated tissues and cell lines.

The facility is available to researchers for uses that include immunophenotyping, DNA cell cycle and tumor ploidy, membrane potential, cell viability/apoptosis, intracellular protein staining, cell tracking and proliferation, cytotoxicity and reactive oxygen species measurements. The flow core maintains the instruments for daily performance verification with cytometer setup and tracking beads, as well as scheduled cleaning and maintenance to ensure instrument functionality.


Equipment capabilities

The core currently operates four Becton-Dickinson flow cytometers. The FACSCalibur is an end-user-operated instrument with two lasers (488 nm and 633 nm), permitting measurement of four fluorescent and two light-scatter parameters. Trained users prepare or acquire and analyze samples using CellQuest or FlowJo software. Three other instruments are operator-assisted. The FACSCanto II has three lasers (405 nm, 488 nm and 633 nm), permitting measurement of eight fluorescent and two light-scatter parameters. The LSR-II is a three-laser (405 nm, 488 nm and 633 nm) instrument, capable of measuring up to 12 parameters (10 fluorescent and two light-scatter). The LSRFortessa is a four-laser (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm) instrument capable of measuring up to 18 parameters (16 fluorescent and two light-scatter).

Services offered

The core staff will train users on instrument setup and sample acquisition for all four instruments. Trained users bring prepared samples to the facility and are assisted with their acquisition and analyses. Workstations are available for post-acquisition analyses.

Expected turnaround times

The acquisition session is scheduled in advance, with a usual wait time of one to three days.


The charge for the use of the core's instruments is $60.00 per hour.

Past clients served / current collaborators

The core provides support for Rush University researchers from the Departments of Microbial Pathogens and Immunity, Cell and Molecular Medicine, Neurology, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedics.

Contact Us

Cohn Research Building, Labs 641 and 658

1735 W. Harrison St.

Chicago, IL 60612

Core director

Alan Landay, PhD

Phone: (708) 297-1800 x2284


Core manager

Jeff Martinson, BS

Phone: (312) 563-4521