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Current Student Research Projects

Graduate students in RUSH University’s Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences conduct research, write up and formally defend their study about a topic of their choosing. Students work throughout the year with a research advisor on this project and have the option to submit it for publication. Below is the list of research projects students will be completing during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Student: Emily Sullivan
Title: Analysis of the NG Carba-5Lateral Flow Immunoassay’s Ability to Detect Carbapenemase Production in Gram-Negative Bacilli 
Research Advisor: Nicholas Moore

Student:  Morgan Schulz
Title: Hyperglycemia and Its Role in T Cell Activation
Research Advisor:  Nadine Lerret

Student: Jessica Keen
Title: The Potential Role of Non-HLA Antibodies on the Outcome of Renal Allograft Transplants
Research Advisor:  Sivadasan Kanangat, Ph.D., D (ABHI)

Student: Lutahi Tumba
Title: Examining Healthcare Practices in Transfusion Medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa 
Research Advisor:  Laurie Gillard

Student: Paul Millet
Title: Specimen Receiving in the Blood Bank: Application of Six Sigma to Evaluate the Manual Requisition Process 
Research Advisor: Yolanda Garcia, MS, MLS (ASCP)

Student: Derryck (Skye) Gray
Title: Evaluation of Training and Competency for Non-Clinical Laboratory Point of Care SARS-CoV-2 Testing Using the Abbott ID NOWTM Platform at RUMC
Research Advisor: LaDonna Moreland, MS, MLS (ASCP)

Student: Maddie Goesel
Title: Marketing the Medical Laboratory Science Profession Using Social Media 
Research Advisor: Maribeth Flaws, Ph.D., MLS (ASCP), SM, SI

Research opportunities

The Department of Medical Laboratory Science has opportunities for graduate medical laboratory science students to conduct clinical research projects. If interested, please contact Nadine Lerret.