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Validation of Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits

Research Title:

Evaluation of COVID-19 Antibody Titers in Plasma of Individuals Who Have Recovered from COVID-19 Infection

ORA #:


Principal Investigator Name:

James Moy, MD

Research Description:

Rush is continuing to help validate a rapid finger stick rapid test for COVID-19 antibodies. The kit will test for IgG antibodies. We are looking for individuals who have had a positive PCR test for COVID-19 to participate in the process. We are specifically looking for 25 participants in total: 10 patients who were diagnosed 14 to 21 days ago, 10 patients who were diagnosed 22 to 28 days and 5 who where diagnosed more than 28 days ago.

Participants will come to the professional building to sign consent and then have the test performed. In addition to the finger stick, blood will be drawn from a vein and the blood will be sent to the Rush lab for regular COVID-19 IgG testing. This double testing will allow us to determine if the finger stick test is accurate. Participants will receive $20 for their time. Please contact James Moy, MD if you are interested in participating.



Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

(312) 942-6176

Contact Name:

James Moy, MD