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Chronic Rhinosinusitis Research

The chronic rhinosinusitis, or CRS, team is a multidisciplinary research team of allergists, immunologists and otolaryngologists. We study the epidemiology of CRS and the impact of race and comorbid conditions on CRS severity and outcome as well as the effect of nasal microbiome in this disease.

Our work

We have multiple ongoing research projects spanning in interrelated areas in chronic inflammatory diseases of upper airways with focus on chronic rhinosinusitis.

  • We are running a large cohort of CRS patients with retrospective and prospective phases to study the association of demographic as well as socioeconomic factors on CRS severity, morbidity and outcome.
  • We are conducting a large study of nasal microbiome in CRS to study the effect of changes in the microbiome on CRS outcome as well as the effect of CRS-related factors on the nasal microbiome over time.
  • We are studying the impact of CRS on sleep and the extent of sleep disruption and circadian rhythm disruption in this disease.


Our team

Allergy/immunology faculty

Otolaryngology faculty


Research assistants

  • Arpita Mehta, MD
  • Mohamed Benhammuda, MD

Graduate students and residents/fellows

  • Mohamed Zitun, MD
  • Raj Kota, MD
  • Jessica Hui, MD
  • David Tapke, MD

Contact us

We welcome inquiries about our research, collaborations and funding. Please contact Mahboobeh Mahdavinia.