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Eating Behavior, Obesity and Diabetes Laboratory

The Eating Behavior, Obesity, and Diabetes Laboratory is led by Joyce Corsica, PhD, Megan Hood, PhD, Lauren Bradley, PhD, and Mackenzie Kelly, PhD with significant contributions from our health psychology postdoctoral fellows and residents as well as our research assistants.

We investigate behavioral and psychological factors in metabolic conditions, particularly obesity and diabetes, and apply this knowledge to intervention development efforts to improve treatment of these conditions and quality of life in the patients who have them.

Current projects

Summaries of recent projects are listed below, along with links to faculty citations. Please contact any of the lab faculty for more information about lab projects. 

Bariatric surgery assessment and outcome

This ongoing project focuses on psychological evaluation and weight loss outcome in bariatric surgery patients (> 2200 participants).

Primary contact: Joyce Corsica, PhD

Project HELP

This project focuses on developing a remote acceptance-based intervention for reducing weight regain following bariatric surgery.

Primary contact: Lauren Bradley, PhD

Adherence after Bariatric Surgery

This project gathered post-baritric surgery data on eating behaviors and adherence following surgery. 

Primary contact: Megan Hood, PhD

Loss of Control Eating in Bariatric Surgery

This project is assessing the use of a measure of loss of control related to eating in bariatric surgery patients.

Primary contact: Mackenzie Kelly, PhD

Food Addiction

This project is evaluating food addiction prevalence in bariatric surgery candidates and the impact of food addiction on weight loss and quality of life.

Primary contact: Joyce Corsica, PhD


Past Projects

Stress eating and mindfulness intervention

In this project, we assessed the effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction and a tailored stress-eating reduction program on stress and emotional eating, weight, and other factors.

Primary contacts: Joyce Corsica, PhD and Megan Hood, PhD

Eating and sleep timing in Type 2 diabetes

This series of studies investigated the role of eating and sleep timing in glycemic functioning for patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Primary contact: Megan Hood, PhD


Our team and links to citations

Joyce Corsica, PhD
Associate Professor

Megan M. Hood, PhD
Associate Professor

Lauren Bradley, PhD
Assistant Professor

Mackenzie Kelly, PhD

Assistant Professor

Lab location

The Eating Behavior, Obesity, and Diabetes Laboratory
Rush University
1645 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60646

Phone: (312) 942-5932
Fax: (312) 942-4990