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Student Research Projects

The following student projects were selected for the Midwest Nursing Research Society poster competition. 

2022 Selections

Student Name Program Project Title
Erin Anderson  GEM Use of Active-Learning Education among Emergency Department Nurses to Facilitate Pediatric Sepsis Interventions 
Sara Beugen, Amanda Anderson & Kristin Fritts GEM Investigating the Need for Implicit Bias Training on Labor and Delivery Unit
Abby Blasco DNP Program Evaluation of the CARRes Unit, a COVID-positive homeless shelter
Katherine Schafer PhD Outcomes of Simulation-based Experiences Related to Family Presence During Resuscitation: A systematic review 
*Poster awarded 2nd place in PhD category
Brianna Palme DNP Reducing Opioid Exposure for Withdrawing Infants
Rachel Muthui PhD The Process of Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Nursing Home Settings: an Integrated Literature Review 
Molly Kokenge PhD Physical Activity Interventions Among American Indian and Alaska Native Persons: A Systematic Review 
Wanissa Ford DNP

TRANScEND: Bridging Transplant with Endocrine for Early Detection of post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus Via the Performance of Diabetes Risk Scores in the Clinical Setting 
*Poster awarded 2nd place in DNP category


2021 Selections

Student Name Program Project Title

Leeaht Gross


Sleep Hygiene Education for Older Adults

Josephine Needs & Kimberly Carlson


Improving Attitudes toward Aging Through the Evaluation of Intergenerational Activities

Taylor Tatro & Taylor Schell GEM Evaluating Changes to Maternal Birthing Experiences due to COVID-19

Makayla Boyd


Establishing and Supporting Gender and Sexuality Alliances to Reduce Mental Health Disparities

Chelsea O'Malley DNP Community-Based Initiative to Improve Medication Adherence in a Bilingual Senior Center
Abbi Placzek DNP Developing a Music Therapy Program for Hospitalized Adults at a Large Urban Medical Center
Charlene Gamboa PhD

Getting to the YES! Caring Recruitment of Older African Americans Adults Into Health-Related Research Studies

Karen Graham PhD The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Cognition in Older African Americans: An Integrated Literature Review
Kathleen Piotrowski-Walters PhD Content Validity of a Measure of Pediatric Acute Care Providers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills Regarding Mother’s Own Milk Feeding


2020 Selections

Student Name Program Project Title

Hazel Levine & Arielle Niecestro

GEM Supporting the Role of the Nurse in Advance Care Planning on a Hematology/Stem Cell Transplant Inpatient Unit

Ashley Mazzocco


Assessing Use of a "Do Not Turn" Order for Unstable Patients in the ICU

Kelli Williams GEM Improving the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Quality Measure “Communication About Medicines” in an Inpatient Orthopedic Unit
Lauren Gregory DNP Improving Access to Care for Pediatric Patients with Hypertension
Monica Huback DNP The Impact of a Nurse-Led Hypertension Lifestyle Education Program for Young Adults with Untreated Hypertension
Ella Mathieson DNP Chronic Disease Self-Management with Formerly Incarcerated Persons in Chicago
Meghan Garland PhD The Women’s Lifestyle Physical Activity Program: Self-efficacy, Outcomes Expectations, Group Social Support and Adherence to Physical Activity in African American Women
Michelle High PhD Parent Education Programs for Children with Medical Complexity: An Integrative Review
Valerie Tobin PhD The Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse and Cisgender Adolescents