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118 Non-Human Subjects Research Determinations: What You Need to Know

118 Non-Human Subjects Research determinations pertain to research that does not involve human subjects. It is a shorter review process that allows Rush University IRB administration to determine whether your research might not require IRB review.

Frequently asked questions

What is non-human subjects research?

Non-human subjects research is research that does not involve obtaining information about living individuals.  

How do I know if I need to submit for a non-human subjects research determination?

You may submit a Form 118 to request a non-human subjects research determination if you are planning any of the following types of research: 

  • Research involving deceased individuals or their information. 
  • Course-related activities designated specifically for educational or teaching purposes, where data is collected from and about human subjects as part of a class but not intended for use outside the classroom.  
  • Case reports of an individual patients. 
  • Quality improvement (QI) and quality assurance (QA) research intended for internal use. 

What does Rush consider human subject research?

Rush considers human subject research to be any of the following: 

  • Prospective or retrospective research of investigational devices, drugs, products or materials involving one or more individuals. 
  • Research activities that collect data through intervention or interaction with individuals. 
  • Research activities that use private information that can be associated with individuals. 
  • Research activities that use biospecimens such as cells, blood, hair, urine, tissues or organs from individuals. 

How do I submit for a non-human subjects research determination?

Complete this form via REDCap. If you’re a student or trainee, include your faculty sponsor’s name and contact information. 

  • Within roughly 3-5 business days, you will receive an official determination that your project does not require IRB review, 
  • You may also be notified your project is human subjects research and requires review via the Rush research portal.  
  • In some instances, IRB administration will request more information prior to determination.    
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