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Chicago Artificial Musculoskeletal Intelligence Lab

The Chicago Artificial Musculoskeletal Intelligence (CAMI) Lab is an academic research lab run by John Martin, PhD in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Rush University Medical Center. At the CAMI Lab, we use artificial intelligence and medical imaging to evaluate how personal attributes (e.g., lifestyle habits, socioeconomics) affect joint health. Our goal is to identify the underlying drivers of joint disease to target the right patients with the right treatments.

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Technology and Methods

Our lab develops machine learning tools (computer vision, predictive modeling, clustering, etc.) for evaluating images, large clinical datasets, EHR images/data, and text datasets.



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  1. Chicago Chronic Conditions Equity Network Minigrant: $3,000. A community-based research team on musculoskeletal pain in African Americans.
  2. Swim Across America Pilot Grant (9/2023-8/2024): $49,723. A multi-institution consortium to improve pathological analysis of chondrosarcoma. 
  3. Rush Imaging Research Core Pilot Grant (3/2023–2/2024); $49,870. Metabolic and biomechanical imaging biomarkers for predicting curve progression in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.
  4. NIH R00 AR077685 (3/2022-2/2025); $747,000. Exercise-induced recovery of intervertebral disc health.


  1. 1NIH K99 AR077685 (9/2020–10/2022); $167,156. Sponsor: Benjamin A. Alman, MD Exercise-induced recovery of intervertebral disc health.
  2. NIH F32 AR071223 (9/2017–8/2020); $178,478. Sponsors: Louis E. DeFrate PhD, Virginia B. Kraus MD, PhD. Age-related alterations in the in vivo mechanical function of the spine.
  3. Force and Motion Foundation Academic Scholarship (2012); $10,000.


Our team

Collaborating Faculty

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Mary Bucklin, PhD

Graduate Student

  • Lyla Handoklow, BS

    University of Illinois Chicago, Biomedical Engineering

Research Scientist

  • Mattia Perrone, MS


Contact Us

John Martin, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery

RUSH University