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Proposal Development and Submission

If you are developing your own research proposal, you will work with the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) within the Office of Research Affairs. The SPA team helps faculty, staff and other researchers obtain and manage their sponsored research awards through the following services: 

  • Review and approve proposals submitted to sponsors 
  • Assist in interpreting, negotiating and accepting grants and contracts for sponsored programs funded by foundations, federal and state agencies, and other public sources 
  • Provide guidance to assure the proper stewardship of received funds 
  • Prepare and negotiate subawards for collaborative research 


To ensure proposals are submitted by the sponsor’s deadline, and to have sufficient time to review the sponsor guidelines, verify the budget, and ensure a fully compliant application, Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) has established the following internal deadlines:

  • 30 business days prior to sponsor deadline submit Advance Notice to SPA
  • 10 business days prior to sponsor deadline request budget consultation in RRP
  • 3 business days prior to sponsor deadline issue Department Approval in RRP

The tool below was developed to assist Principal Investigators and Grant Administrators with calculating the due date to SPA for the Advance Notice, Budget Consultation, and the complete final department approved proposal based on the sponsor deadline date. To determine when your proposal components are due, enter the sponsor's submission deadline date and click Submit.

What is the sponsor deadline for your grant?


Please select a month, day, year and time before clicking the "Submit" button.

Advance notice of funding submission due to SPA by or before:

May 02 2022

9:00 A.M.

Budget consultation request due to SPA by or before:

May 02 2022

9:00 A.M.

Final proposal due to SPA by or before:

May 02 2022

9:00 A.M.

Holidays/Weekends/NIH Office Closures: Please see the NIH Policy regarding due dates on Holidays/Weekends/NIH Office Closures. If the NIH due date falls on one of these days, be sure to modify the sponsor deadline you enter in this calculator accordingly.

Your department research administrator or Research Administration Shared Services (RASS) can help you prepare and route your proposal to ensure it arrives on time to SPA for review and submission. 

The Pre-Award Grant Submission Playbook is a guide for navigating the pre-award process for federal grant applications through Sponsored Programs Administration at Rush. This document was created in direct collaboration with process owners and key stakeholders amongst several departments as part of a Pre-Award Standard Work Event. It will be updated and augmented as necessary. In addition, the resources below provide links to checklists, forms, templates and other information to help you develop and submit your research proposal.

    Subawards and requirements

    Once RUSH receives funding from a sponsor, SPA will use the information provided to us in the letter of intent request on the subaward site to create a subaward/subcontract. 

    The department grant specialist should route the outgoing subaward or subaward amendment request through the RUSH Research Portal by following the steps in the outgoing subaward walkthrough


    Core laboratories

    The RUSH core laboratories give both internal and outside investigators access to leading-edge facilities that offer specialized tools, equipment and complex technologies essential to many emerging research projects. Our core labs are directed and staffed by expert investigators and technicians, who can optimize experimental efficiency and help you obtain the data your project requires, quickly and economically. RUSH core staff also can train your personnel to operate some of our instruments, a competence that may be especially valuable if you need to analyze many samples over an extended period of time. 

    Informational events

    RUSH University hosts live events covering topics related to research and the grant proposal process. 

    Institutional information

    Contact Us

    Jennifer Garcia
    Director, Sponsored Programs Administration
    Phone: (312) 942-3554

    Yvonne Harris
    Manager of Grants and Subawards
    Phone: (312) 563-1990

    Jennifer Stadler
    Grant and Subaward Specialist II
    Phone: (312) 563-1989