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Infectious Diseases Research

Learn more about research in the Division of Infectious Diseases.

Infectious Diseases

Faculty Member Division Research Expertise
Mariam Aziz, MD Infectious Diseases Aziz's research interests are around maternal and pediatric AIDS treatments and interventions.
Alan Harris, MD Infectious Diseases Over his career, Harris has had a wide-range of research interests in the field of infectious diseases including TB, HIV/AIDS, fungal infections, etc.
Mary Hayden, MD Infectious Diseases Hayden's current interests are around understanding the fecal microbiomes of long term acute care hospital patients who are colonized with Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapanemase (KPC)-producing Enterobacteriaceae and understanding means of reducing healthcare-acquired infections and regional spread of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) through three groups of interventions, comprising 6 studies and including a regional public health-coordinated approach to MDRO control.
Bala Hota, MD Infectious Diseases Hota's research interests lie in utilizing algorithms to automate detection of central-line associated bloodstream infections using data in the Electronic Health Record and developing software to detect Clostridium difficile cases and message these cases to the CDC using Clinical Document Architecture.
Michael Lin, MD Infectious Diseases Lin is interested in Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention, treatment of influenza and H1N1 as well as the biology of infectious diseases.
Kyle Popovich, MD Infectious Diseases Studies Extra-nasal Colonization and Epidemiology of Community-associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and the impact of HIV status and MRSA colonization on the nasal microbiome.  Learn more
Laurie Proia, MD Infectious Diseases Proia has broad spectrum research interests around transplant ID, anti-fungal treatments and HIV treatments.
John Segreti, MD Infectious Diseases Segreti's research interests are in infection control and containing, treating and preventing highly infectious diseases. 
Beverly Sha, MD Infectious Diseases Sha is involved in several studies related to the treatment and management of HIV and AIDS including ethnicity and aging as factors in the disease.
David Simon, MD Infectious Diseases Simon's research interests are around antibiotic administration in patients with septic shock, and other studies evaluating treatments for infectious disease related interventions.
Kamaljit Singh, MD Infectious Diseases Singh's research interests include understanding and treating anti-biotic resistant bacteria and other aspects of microbiology manifestations in Infectious Diseases.
Gordon Trenholme, MD Infectious Diseases Trenholme is interested in all aspects of Infectious Diseases research - he mentors several faculty members with research interests in antibiotic stewardship, HIV/AIDS treatment, anti-fungal infections and transplant ID.
Brett Williams, MD Infectious Diseases Williams' research interests are in understanding the success of antiretroviral therapy in relationship to chronic medical co-morbidities.
Sarah Won, MD Infectious Diseases Won's research interests are anti-biotic stewardship and methods to develop a program at academic medical centers.