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COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance

Research Title:

COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance

ORA #:


Principal Investigator Name:

Sobia Hassan, MD

Research Description:

Physicians treating rheumatology patients for COVID-19 will enter information regarding treatment of cases into an online REDCap survey.

Data to be collected includes information about autoimmune diagnosis, immunomodulatory medications, COVID-19 treatments and outcomes. No PHI will be collected. De-identified data will be entered into the REDCap survey.

Data will be analyzed for relationships between disease state, medication exposure and outcomes such as hospital admission, ICU admission, intubation, and death. Care will be taken to account for confounding and to interpret data correctly with respect to correlation and causation.

There is an urgent public health need to understand how the medications used to treat rheumatic diseases affect COVID-19 treatments and responses and to use that data in quality improvement efforts to inform treatment guidelines. International treatment guidelines for many rheumatic diseases exist. However, those guidelines may need modification given the emerging COVID-19 epidemic.



Contact Phone:

(312) 563-2967

Contact Name:

Sobia Hassan, MD