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Circadian Misalignment and COVID-19

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es Immune Resiliency to COVID-19ft Workers Decreases Immune Resiliency to COVID-19

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Ali Keshavarzian, MD

Research Description:

The purpose of the proposed study is to determine whether misalignment of central circadian rhythms related to shift work in healthcare providers like registered nurses (RNs)—(a) increases their risk of coronavirus infection, and (b) is associated with worse clinical outcomes, such as symptom severity and need for hospital admission. We are also proposing to investigate whether alcohol consumption is a moderating factor, which previous data supports may exacerbate the biological effects of circadian misalignment. The rationale for this study is based on several published studies by us and others that have shown that misaligned circadian rhythms decrease immune resiliency, adversely affect lymphocyte trafficking and increase interleukin 6 (IL-6) production—all of which have been associated with poor outcomes in COVID-19.



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(502) 492-1209

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Gabriella Sanzo