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COI Survey Link and Instructions

COI Survey Link

The COI survey is distributed each year in July after the fiscal year has ended. Individuals required to complete the annual COI survey will receive a personal link to complete a disclosure via their Rush e-mail.

To access the COI survey:

  1. Click the COI ID (i.e., COI-00055555) link that was embedded in your RUSH e-mail. Note, survey links are unique and assigned specifically to one individual; therefore do not forward links to other users as it will not work. 
  2. A dialogue box will appear which will direct you to log in to the RUSH Research Portal site using your RUSH network ID/username and password.
  3. Follow the COI survey instructions below to edit and submit your disclosure.

For additional assistance, please contact the COI Office by e-mail.

COI Survey Instructions

Click here for survey instructions

COI Office Support

Having technical difficulty submitting your COI survey?

E-mail Rose Garcia or call (312) 942-0287

Have a COI content question or COI policy related question?

Contact Mary Keller at (312) 942-4485 or Stephanie Guzik at (312) 942-1296.


If you need any further assistance, please e-mail the COI Office or call (312) 942-5303.


Update My Contact Information

To request a change to your name, e-mail address, or department, send an e-mail to

Note, this change only occurs in the RUSH Research Portal and does not affect a system wide change. For a system wide change, please contact the Held Desk at (312) 942-4357.

Reset My Password

Self-Service Password Reset Information

Follow the steps below to register and reset your password:

If you have any questions or issues related to the above self-service process, please contact the Help Desk. 

Call: (312) 942-4357