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RUSH’s annual Conflicts of Interest (COI) survey launches the week of July 8th

Rush University Medical Center, including Rush University, is an institution of public trust. In recognition of that status, all Rush employees, faculty and staff are expected to conduct their affairs in ways that exemplify the Rush mission and ICARE values. Annual reporting on outside professional activities through the COI survey process helps safeguard the work and reputations of Rush employees, faculty and staff.

Rush COI policies are designed to ensure that individuals disclose these relationships, and RUSH appropriately manages or eliminates situations in which personal or familial interests might otherwise compromise or appear to compromise individuals’ objectivity as caregivers, teachers, researchers or administrators.

Rush’s annual COI survey launches the week of July 8th. Based on your role at Rush, you may receive an email with survey instructions from the Rush Portal. Those not receiving the survey by email are still required to report any relationships or activities described in the policy and/or vendor guidelines to their supervisor and the COI Office if such a relationship exists. The timeline below outlines key dates you should be aware of.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the COI policy and vendor guidelines, Click Here
For questions that are general COI related please call (312) 942-5303.
For technical COI survey questions and help, please call Rose Garcia at (312) 942-0287.


New Policy: Research Data: Access, Ownership and Retention (CC‐RC‐0011)

May 29, 2019

The research community should be aware of a new policy titled Research Data: Access, Ownership and Retention (CC-RC‐0011) addressing accountability, responsibility and ownership of research data.

This umbrella policy aims to contribute to the framework for Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), standardize criteria that is consistent across disciplines, level set expectations for data management and safe housing for access and use, outline responsible parties and align Rush with National Best Practice.

The policy was designed for all types of research and does not conflict with other policies, rather it provides a consistent approach to this important matter.

The full policy can be accessed under Rush Intranet Policies and Procedures  Research Affairs ‐> Research Compliance. Link: Research Data: Access, Ownership and Retention (CC‐RC‐0011).