How to Disclose at RUSH

Disclosure of interests are made through the RUSH Research Portal (RRP). There are two ways to make a disclosure:

  1. RUSH’s Annual COI Survey
  2. Protocol Specific COI (PSCOI) Disclosure for Researchers
RUSH’s Annual COI Survey Instructions

RUSH’s annual Conflict of Interest (COI) Survey is distributed each year in July after the fiscal year has ended. Individuals who are identified by role to complete a COI survey will receive a personal link to submit a disclosure. Disclosures must include activity that occurred in the last 12 months (July 1st through June 30th), regardless of value. To submit your COI disclosure, please see survey instructions below.

FY22 COI Survey Research Newsletter

Key Points

  • Survey opens July and ends in August
  • Annual survey collects information from the previous Fiscal Year (FY) (July 1st- June 30th)
  • Disclose all professional external relationships and all innovation, technology development
  • All remuneration (e.g., meals, all currency received, equity)
  • Survey Link is sent through RUSH email
  • Survey is housed in the RUSH Research Portal (RRP)
  • Sanctions imposed to any non-complying individual
  • Surveys cannot be completed on a mobile device

COI Survey Instructions

Click here for instructions

Technical Assistance

For any of the issues listed below, please visit the COI Technical Assistance page or contact the COI Office by e-mail.

  • I have a disclosure question
  • I cannot find my COI survey link
  • I forgot my password to login
  • I need help submitting my survey
  • I need a copy of my last year’s disclosure

COI Survey Timeline

For a view of the COI Survey timeline and process, click here.

Protocol Specific COI (PSCOI) Disclosure (Researchers Only)

A PSCOI disclosure is completed by individuals listed as Key Personnel/Study Staff when a Master Project is created in the RUSH Research Portal (RRP), which is located on the main page of the Master Project. 

NOTE: Disclosures can be made at any time when an investigator’s financial or fiduciary external interest changes, however, changes must be made within 30 days of the interest.

Key Points

  • Disclose relationships that may be related to the proposed project/protocol/grant (e.g., study)
  • Disclose remuneration related to the relationship
  • Created/opened at the start of the project and remains open for the life of the study
  • If changes/updates to external relationship, mandatory update to the disclosure is required within 30 days

PSCOI Disclosure Instructions

Click here for instructions

Technical Assistance

For technical support and concerns, please email the COI office for assistance.