Student Health Insurance 21-22

You must be covered by health insurance while you attend Rush University. If you don’t have other comparable coverage, and provided you are enrolled in a degree program at the University, you can sign up for insurance offered by Academic HealthPlans. This Preferred Provider Plan (PPO) allows you to choose from a large number of primary care physicians who are members of the plan.

If you have other health insurance, you must provide proof of coverage and verify that information annually, before registration for the fall term, through the Academic HealthPlans website.

Other features of the plan include the following:

  • $500 annual deductible
  • 80 percent coverage for most in-patient services, including hospitalization and surgery, as well as outpatient services like office visits, mammography, laboratory tests and X-rays
  • $20 co-pay for generic and $50 co-pay for brand-name prescription drugs ($80 co-pay for brand-name drugs when the generic equivalent is available)

2021-2022 approximate annual rates for Rush University student health insurance:

  • Single - $4,441
  • Each dependent - $4,441 additional

Student Health Insurance FAQs (CON, CHS, GC)

RMC Student Health Insurance FAQs

Coverage for Rush Medical College

All Rush Medical College students are automatically enrolled in the student plan and cannot waive coverage. The Medical Student Health Service Program, supported by Lifetime Medical Associates (1645 W. Jackson, Suite 215), handles acute care for medical students only as part of the health insurance plan.

This arrangement offers notable benefits for medical students, including enhanced service, straightforward billing procedures. Co-pays are $20 for office visits ($40 for visits to specialists). Additionally, all Rush Medical College students receive a “blood and bodily fluids exposure” rider that will extend full coverage to any treatment required in the event of exposure to a contagion.