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Hazardous Materials

On campus

  • Isolate area of spill/leak. Do not attempt to clean.
  • Call Rush Security at 2-5678 immediately.
  • Follow instructions given by emergency personnel for shelter in place or evacuation.
  • If possible, note any characteristics about the material, for example: name, odor, color, physical description.
  • Report any observed injuries or exposure to Rush Security immediately.

Near campus

  • Rush Security will be notified by appropriate parties.
  • Rush Security will notify Rush University(and/or other appropriate persons).
  • Follow emergency personnel instructions for shelter in place or evacuation.

Persons with special needs should dial 2-5678 in an emergency situation and identify themselves, their special needs and their exact location. This will help responders in providing rescue assistance.

Faculty and staff should ensure that persons with special needs are given assistance.