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Veterans Education Benefits

Rush University is committed to serving veterans and active-duty members of the United States Military. Rush will work with you to assist you in utilizing your VA educational benefits.

What veterans education benefits are available?

Aid for eligible veterans includes the following:

For details on each program — including specifics on programs and payment rate details — please click on the provided links.

Find the right plan for you

If you qualify for participation in more than one veterans education benefits program, the VA website provides a comparison tool to help you determine which benefits might be right for you.

Using your benefits

If you are interested in using your benefits at Rush for the first time, please answer these questions:

Is it your first time using VA education benefits?

If so, apply for benefits through the VA. If you have never used your veterans benefits at an institution before, this step must be complete.

Is this your first time using VA educational benefits at Rush?

If so, submit form 22-5495 online. If you have used veterans education benefits before, but you are a first-time benefits-user at Rush University, you must submit the appropriate form.

Are you a first-time veteran at Rush?

First-time veterans at Rush University must provide a copy of their eligibility letter from the VA (as well as any change of program forms including form 22-1995 or form 22-5495) to the Office of Student Financial Aid before benefits can be certified with the VA. All documents can be mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed to our office. Please be sure to indicate your name and student ID number (or Social Security Number) on all documents.

The Rush University Office of Student Financial Aid
Armour Academic Center
600 S. Paulina St., Suite 440
Chicago, IL 60640
Fax: (312) 942-2732

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at