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Medical Student Financial Aid

Welcome to the financial aid site for medical students. We are excited that you are on this journey with us here at Rush. We take great pride in supporting you and want to help you navigate this experience financially.

Financial Aid Timeline

Financial Aid Timeline

*These dates are at the discretion of the Student Financial Aid Office and are subject to change. 

Deferred/Non-Passing Grades 

This information applies to all cohorts. 

On occasion, students may be prevented from completing courses in the prescribed timeframes or may not have successfully completed courses. This may result in either a deferred grade or non-passing grade. We recognize that there is a lot of uncertainty about next steps financially when these situations occur. Our office is here to proactively assist you with identifying the financial ramifications and assisting with developing a sustainable financial plan for the remainder of your year. Please review some frequently asked questions to help guide you through the process here. Schedule an appointment online with your financial aid counselor to review your status in more detail.

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Preparation for Financing Medical School