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Resources for Clinicians

Here you'll find tools and resources to assist you in getting the most out of your interprofessional efforts — and achieve the best outcomes in education and patient care.

Getting started

These worksheets will help you start developing interprofessional education and practice:

Tools you can use

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Ready-to-use training materials and a training curriculum, TeamSTEPPS, to help you create a game plan for bettering communication, tightening teamwork and optimizing patient outcomes. Many of the resources are offered at little to no cost.

Resources, groups and institutions

World Health Organization: With the publication of the World Health Report, the WHO became a leading proponent of interprofessional education and practice.

National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education: This public-private partnership hosted by the University of Minnesota identifies ways to use interprofessional practice and education to improve health, enhance patient care and control costs.

Interprofessional Education Collaborative: A network of health education organizations representing various health care constituencies working to tighten collaboration and interprofessional efforts.

Journals, reports and articles

IPEC Core Competencies: A report of an expert panel calling on education to move beyond profession-specific learning and embrace engagement across disciplines.

Journal of Interprofessional Care: You'll find the latest research and developments in interprofessional education and practice in this peer-reviewed journal.