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RUSH Institutional Loan


Students will need to apply for RUSH Institutional Loans online by completing this application. Once the application has been received and approved, additional steps will need to be completed with the third-party servicer, Heartland ECSI. Email notification will be sent informing the student of the updated information needed. 

Loan basics

Subsidized Yes
Interest rates 5 percent fixed
Loan fees No
Grace period Six months
Cancellation No
Eligible for Public Service Forgiveness Not eligible


Loan criteria

To be offered a RUSH institutional loan, you must be in a select academic program. Institutional loans were established based on donor gifts. As a result, funds are limited and available to specific academic programs based on the donor criteria. You must also complete the following:

  • Apply for student financial assistance with the university and meet the required eligibility requirements
  • Accept or reject each type of assistance offered,
  • Annually complete a series of loan documents with Rush:
    • Truth-In-Lending Act for Regulation Z documents with RUSH University student loans servicer, Heartland ESCI.

Amounts for this loan program are incredibly limited, and we are not able to offer all students one of these loans. Students are encouraged to apply early if they wish to be potentially considered for an institutional loan. 

Loan interest information

RUSH institutional loans are subsidized, so the interest accrued is paid by RUSH as long as you remain enrolled at least half-time, during authorized periods of deferment, and during the six- month grace period following your graduation/dropping below half-time status.

When interest does start to accrue, it will be at a fixed 5 percent interest rate.

Amount you can borrow

Institutional loans do have annual maximums. Annual maximums vary based on funds availability, student financial need, and a student’s academic program. 

  • Repayment begins after a six-month grace period following your graduation/dropping below half-time enrollment.
  • During the grace period, you will have no payments due.
  • After the grace period expires, you have a 10-year standard repayment term.
  • If you require a temporary postponement or partial reduction in monthly payment, you may request a forbearance.