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Financial Literacy

Navigating paying for higher education while balancing living costs and other expenses is a fact of life for students. Navigate your personal finances like a pro with the Khan Academy's free course offerings.

Effective for Fall 2023 all new students have been assigned financial literacy course assignments. 

Below are the details on how to access your course module.

If you do not already have a Khan Academy account, click the "Create a new account" button. Please enter your name as on file with the University, enter your date of birth and then you can sign up using either your RUSH email address or a personal email. *** The teacher's name on the course is Jill Gable. 

Are there additional financial education training resources available? 

Jill Gable: Yes, additional financial modules are available online through CashCourse which is a free online financial literacy resource funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education. It provides both students and alumni with helpful information on loans, budgeting and financial planning for life after graduation.

Jill Gable, director of the Office of Student Financial Aid, details how CashCourse can help you make smarter decisions with your money, for the present and the future.

Are there any financial pitfalls students are more likely to fall into?

JG: The most common financial pitfall for university students is borrowing funds they do not necessarily need. Students should be living as frugally as possible in order to minimize borrowing. At orientations, we emphasize that all debt will need to be repaid from future income so that students fully understand how decisions they make now will continue to impact them as graduates and working professionals. 

How can these resources help students make smarter financial decisions?

JG: Financial training functions as an excellent supplement to the financial education already provided by the Office of Student Financial Aid. We spend a lot of time educating students about the various federal loan programs, repayment options and loan forgiveness opportunities. The Financial Literacy modules offered by the Khan Academy addresses these topics, as well, and also provides guidance on how to create a budget and manage a fixed income, critical topics for students living on modest earnings. While the Office of Student Financial Aid helps students secure the funding they need, enhancing your education about financial literacy can help students manage that funding to make sure it lasts through the end of each term.

Are there opportunities to learn beyond the site itself?

JG: The Office of Student Financial Aid also offers additional workshops and opportunities to connect with a financial aid counselor to work through developing budgets, understanding credit scores, and building general financial wellness. Information about these workshops are generally distributed via email.