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Restorative Justice Initiative


Restorative Justice is a set of principles and practices rooted in indigenous societies. Restorative justice can be applied both reactively in response to conflict and/or crime, and proactively to strengthen community by fostering communication and empathy. (Definition from Restorative Justice Initiative) The RUSH Restorative Justice Initiative (RURJ) is a project that includes students and faculty from RUSH Medical College seeking to increase support for and conduct ongoing restorative justice approaches for the RUSH community. When considered more broadly, the practice of restorative justice works to build empathy, enable healing, and strengthen communities as we strive toward a just society in which all lives have equal value. RURJ holds community building circles, which provides an opportunity once per month to come together as a community and connect with one another, reflect, and provide an outlet for discussion in a safe environment. We additionally host team building circles at the beginning of every new block to establish expectations and a relationship amongst new team members in an attempt to build a positive learning environment for everyone.

Contact Information

Executive Board Member: Samantha Shih
Executive Board Member: Grace Kim
Executive Board Member: Andrew Mohama
Advisor: Dr. Jay Behel, PhD, Director/Associate Dean of Medical Student Affairs